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"Genetically Superior Seeds", Only From Jim Rockis


Why my seeds are the best:

The seed business is a very special business that combines science and art. One must have a good understanding of reproductive timing sequences in order to capture the highest possible germinations for individual lots of seed.

Seeds from Jim Rockis
Select seeds from Jim Rockis.

First and foremost, timing along with attention to detail is paramount in the seed business. The second part of the equation is the ability to extract the viable seed from the cone. This is handled differently for different species and also depends on the sizes of various lots collected. Specialized equipment along with the ability to calibrate this equipment is essential to produce high quality seed relative to germination. Many growing regimes require very high seed germination proportions. This can only be achieved through the ability of an operator running a special machine called a gravity table. Seed storage along with testing is the final step in the operation.

Minimal moisture content along with state of the art refrigeration equipment is essential in this part of the sequence. This is just a brief description of how and why seed products are handled in a certain way. Jim Rockis would be happy to share more details with you about the methods. Get in touch!

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Cone collecting with a crane in the Pacific Northwest.
Cone collecting from Blue Spruce trees in Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you collect cones in order to have quality genetically improved seed?

Much of our seed comes from seed orchards. This is a specific group of trees that are chosen for their special characteristics. They are then managed for seed production. When orchard seed is not available, woods run seed is collected.

Where and how do you process the cones?

Jim Rockis has a state of the art extractory along with the necessary equipment and personnel to accomplish the job.

Happening once every ten years, this tree has a plethora of cones for future trees.
Happening once every three years, this tree has a plethora of cones for future trees.

Still have questions?

For specific iqueries, please Contact Jim for pricing and availability of species.

Ayers Fraser Fir seed orchard.
Ayers Fraser Fir seed orchard.