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Photo of a Gravity Separator
Jim Rockis monitors seed processing.

Equipment Consulting:

Consulting, Custom Seed Processing, & Extraction

The tree seed extraction business is a specialty business that requires the operator to know some fundamental principles of seed biology and separation. The timing of every sequence in the process is important so that the seed product produced has a great degree of quality. Tree seed is a living organism that must be handled in certain ways. Tree seed extraction combines science and art along with the ability to pay strict attention to detail.

There are certain machines that are used in seed extraction that work well in a specific sequence of the operation. This is where the experience and engineering expertise of Jim Rockis could be invaluable to you. Give Jim a call to discuss these topics: (304) 282–3470.

Photo of a Gravity Separator
A Forsberg Gravity Table in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of machinery do you supply?

Jim Rockis represents Forsberg Machinery Company who is a premier manufacturer of gravity tables. We also have the ability to fabricate certain specialty equipment that is not readily available.

How can I find out what equipment works best for my applications?

Jim Rockis has a state of the art facility along with experienced personnel to make this determination. Get in touch!

Photo of a Gravity Separator
Processing Fraser Fir seed.